Website Design

Many people believe they can put together a website on their own. However, while things might appear fine on the surface, a beautiful website is only useful if people can find it and use it. When it comes to having a site that you can feel confident about, there is no substitute for the level of quality, attention to detail, and ongoing support that you can get from a professional graphic/web designer.

As you’ll find when working with me – the most important stage of the design process involves getting to know you, hearing your unique voice, and learning about what you do and don’t want in a website. I depend on this information in tailoring the site to meet your needs. I take seriously my responsibility to present your message clearly and professionally.

I am always available to support my clients and have longstanding relationships with a variety of businesses.

Website Pricing

I attempt to outline some things so you can have an idea of what king of cost you’re looking at. While some form of monthly hosting is necessary with any website, I do create a website that belongs to you. Many websites operate on costly ongoing monthly fees and I work differently. I try and tailor every project to the owner’s needs.







Print Design

It usually starts with business cards, then a brochure and before you know it you’re sending out mailers and canvasing the neighborhoods with posters. A big part of my focus is web and internet marketing and although print has taken major hits to the industry, there will always be a need for good ol’ fashioned impressive printed materials that ‘feel good in your hand’. An impressive sign, ad, flyer, brochure, etc. can mean the difference between a potential client and a satisfied customer.  Contact me for any print material needs. No, we are not a print shop – however through years of maintaining large volume printer relationships, I can offer print materials delivered to you at extremely competitive rates – sometimes even cheaper than the manufacturer sells for. I have a variety of options for various budgets and can help create the custom printed materials that will make your competition jealous.

Website Hosting

Get the most out of your domain name with professional email accounts and year-round support for your website and unlimited email accounts**.
I partner with Rackspace™ to provide secure, fast websites at competitive rates.
Contact us for more information on the below hosting options and what they include:







Email Hosting

Some amount of email hosting is included in the website hosting plans listed above.
If you need more accounts, or have custom email needs – I offer several solutions.

      1. IMAP email accounts** are available at $5/month per email address (billed at $60/year) and initial setup across all your user devices will be supported. Ongoing support (reconnecting or connecting new devices is provided up to a total of 2 hrs. support per year and anything beyond that would be billed hourly.
      2. Google Apps for business accounts are available, contact me for custom solution pricing.
      3. Microsoft Office 365 accounts are available, contact me for custom solution pricing.

*Up to five at no additional cost. Forwarding addresses are ‘alias’ email accounts that can forward a copy of any email sent to it to any email account.

**IMAP Email accounts are set up with your custom domain, have no size limit, sync across all your devices, and we provide setup & support throughout the year. Does not include Office365 or Google Apps for Business email accounts.

***POP email accounts have a megabyte storage limit and are best used when emails are stored on a local server. They can be set up to cc: a copy of each email to a different address AND collect all emails into an inbox (unlike forward only accounts). They can be accessed from any browser or device but do not sync across all your devices. Setup and support are provided throughout the year.