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Project Description

Spider Voices was a project that grew out of a desire to have a blog style website that featured articles about the lives of student athletes at The University of Richmond off the field. I was contacted by the Richmond Athletics department who already have a website to show all their information – Scores, Rosters, Media, etc. – but they wanted a sleek and non-cluttered place to tell their stories. I was given a couple of high-end example websites that had some really nice features that we used as inspiration, but in the end this website really took on a life of its own and we are all very proud of it. Since long ago when I hand-painted gymnasium floors with large graphics and lettering, I have always enjoyed any job that paired two of my biggest passions – art & sports. That made this job one of the more rewarding projects I’ve had in a while and I would like to personally thank Scott, Kristen and Matt over at U of R for making this project extremely pleasant to work on.

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